I just set up my GitHub account and wondered if I could use it for web hosting. It turns out that not only can I host webpages on GitHub, but there is native Jekyll support. That means that I have an opportunity to learn a bit about web design in the 21st century (I haven’t hand written an HTML doc yet!), and pick up some Ruby along the way. Git is a slick way to manage the site, as it provides innate version control and backup. Jekyll manages the dirty work of building a coherent, well formatted presentation. And most everything I do can be manipulated via the command line on a *nix machine (I’m typing this in vim).

The repository for this site is located at https://github.com/yuri-rage/yuri-rage.github.io. I’ve already edited the Rakefile to more easily manage common git tasks.

Thanks to http://jekyllbootstrap.com for providing a very complete, almost turnkey site. More to follow (albeit, probably slowly)!

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05 February 2014